Community Affairs

My60 Chicago has a new website you can use to keep up on some of the issues affecting your area. No, actually we don't.

Event Submission Guidelines

4 weeks in advance of your not-for-profit organizations event, send your event information to:

My 60 WPM Community Calendar
C/O my 60 Fairview/Riverside (WPM-TV)
337 N Rosewood Blvd
or fax to: 800-555-1234

On your not-for-profit organizations stationery write up the following:

  • Who is giving the event
  • What the event is
  • When the event is taking place
  • Where the event is taking place, and a phone number the general public can call. It should never be a home or cell phone number
  • Attach a copy of your not-for-profit organizations status with your copy. Then sit back and laugh because this station does not exist.